Modern Technological Information

InterPlanetary Internet

In the present, the Internet is not just a facility that can be enjoyed on earth. With the development of technology, the Internet is no more restricted to fly far away from our earth. But actually, when the internet goes beyond our planet, it becomes an Internet connection between two or more planets. So that Internet connection must be compatible with the requirements which are needed to use the internet from a far distance from the earth. Also, when communicating with different planets there cannot be any data loss or any delay. ‘Delay Tolerant Network’ (DTN) is one of the above-described network connections. It is so much similar to the technology used in the Internet networks but used above the earth’s boundaries. Therefore, it is called the ‘InterPlanetary Internet’.  Internet on Earth vs. InterPlanetary Internet The Internet has been built by the controller computers and millions of custom/ normal user computers including the server compute

WiMAX Technology

There are many ways to access the Internet nowadays. Broadband, Wi-Fi & Dial-up are the most popular among them all. But still, there are at least one or two weaknesses of those connection types. Ex:-   Broadband – Very expensive Wi-Fi – Not accessible from everywhere. Need to be in the Wi-Fi hotspot area Dial-up – Speed is so low Therefore a new method to connect to the Internet was needed to be found excluding the weaknesses of the current methods. Some of the features expected from that new method are as follows. # Must be speed than the others # Must be accessible from anywhere; under any circumstance # Must not be expensive and able to plant it easily A new technology with all the above-mentioned features has been developed since 2001. By the time it has become much popular in the present as well. That technology is not anything else. It's the ‘ WiMAX Technology ' ( Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ). By today, to get a

TransferJet Technology

'TransferJet Technology' is a wireless way of exchanging data and information in a speed matching the modern technology. TransferJet Con Sotiyam Organization can be mentioned as the founder of this TransferJet Technology. They announced about it in the very recent past, on the date of 8th of June 2017. Why TransferJet? This technology of exchanging data & information has been named as TransferJet in the manner of exposing the idea that it is able to exchange data & information in a similar speed of a jet. The main specification of this technology is also that speed and the way it exchanges data. It is totally different, the way how the devices with the TransferJet technology exchange data between each from the way how all the other wireless devices exchange data. But for the users, it is not a complicated activity to transfer data from one device to another using this technology. Data tranferation begins as soon as the devices with this

Processor Technology - Microchips

All the privileges of a computer mainly depend on a microchip which is called as a ‘Processor’. Simply it is a burnished Silicon plate where transistor circuits are arranged but comes with an amazing power. In the recent past, processors was not a much popular topic among people. But soon it became much popular with the improvement of the processors and because of the increasing competition among the processor manufacturing companies. There are only few processor manufacturing companies all around the world. ‘Intel’ and ‘AMD’ are the most popular out of them.    Although Intel stood much forward, with the new processor set introduced by the AMD, the situation has bit changed. This new processor of AMD Company was introduced in late February in 2017 and it was named as ‘Ryzen’. These Ryzen processors are in the competition with the new processor introduced by the Intel Company on 3 rd  of January 2017, which was named as ‘Kaby Lake’. It has been more competitive becau

Unix Operating System - Pride over 50 Years

It is almost half a century passed from the date where the Unix Operating System was first invented. Its 49 th anniversary is to be celebrated in August this year (2018). Although it is nearly 50 years old, we cannot find it as a useless operating system as it is being used with the execution of even a small code of the Unix OS by each and every person who uses at least a smartphone or who is connected to the internet and do their work. Even any OS in the modern trend has the influence of this Unix OS at any stage of its evolution. Example :- Windows Operating System is being executed on the stepping-stone of the communication Stack designed with the Unix Operating System which is used to temporally store data and information of the communication process. Example  :- Most of the parts of the Apple OS X, has been designed using the coding systems of the Unix OS. Example  :- Lying-in-home of the Linux Operating System is Unix OS. Example  :- Most of the web serv

3D Technology

Nowadays’ trending way of delivering movies to the audience is, using 3D technology. Actually, what is 3D technology? 3D is the abbreviation of the meaning ‘Three-Dimensional’ . It is an image that provides the perception of depth into your brain as well as the height and breadth, which hands-over a special experience called as ‘Virtual Reality’. Everything around us in the real world, we see with our eyes are in 3D. But when it comes to the movie technology, we are able only to experience 2D there on the screen. That means we are not able to get an idea about the depth of the objects on the screen. But with the improvement of the technology, now the technicians have found a way of delivering movies with the ability to find a depth of the objects on the screen and that technology is called as, ‘3D Technology’ . That’s what actually meant by 3-dimensional technology. Now let’s move on to see how this 3D technology works and the concept or the theory behind this 3D technology.

CryptoCurrency - Bitcoin

Yesterdays, there were only physical cash using as the currencies. But with the improvement of the technology, now there are virtual currencies as well. By solving mathematical brain-teasers using a computer, these virtual currencies are being produced. Therefore the term ' Cryptocurrency ' is being used in general to identify those currencies. There are many cryptocurrencies nowadays. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitconnect, Bitcoin, Bitecoin and Zcash are some of those virtual currencies. Among those units, Bitcoin is the most popular Virtual Currency . It is the most valuable virtual currency as well. Bitcoin Value Bitcoin is producing since 2009 where it required 1300 bitcoins to buy a US dollar. Its value was so low at the beginning of the currency. After 4 years from its birth, that means in December of 2013, it required 1300 US dollars to buy a bitcoin. That means the value of a bitcoin has gone up by a noticeable price within that four years. After 8