InterPlanetary Internet

In the present, the Internet is not just a facility that can be enjoyed on earth. With the development of technology, the Internet is no more restricted to fly far away from our earth. But actually, when the internet goes beyond our planet, it becomes an Internet connection between two or more planets. So that Internet connection must be compatible with the requirements which are needed to use the internet from a far distance from the earth. Also, when communicating with different planets there cannot be any data loss or any delay. ‘Delay Tolerant Network’ (DTN) is one of the above-described network connections. It is so much similar to the technology used in the Internet networks but used above the earth’s boundaries. Therefore, it is called the ‘InterPlanetary Internet’. 

Internet on Earth vs. InterPlanetary Internet

The Internet has been built by the controller computers and millions of custom/ normal user computers including the server computers that carry all the data and information exchanged through the internet.

Likewise, InterPlanetary Internet also has been created with a collection of many main devices and many other gadgets including landscaping centers, orbital planes, landers & rowers. They have been implemented on other planets as well as on earth. By the time, NASA has already planned a model of a such system to create a network between the Earth and the Mars. So it has been named as ‘Mars Network’. Here many small satellites are being sent to the axil where all of them are connected to the landscaping centers on Mars. All them are being connected to one of the main satellites within the axilla of the Mars and it is being connected to a satellite in the axilla of the Earth. From that satellite, received data are being retrieved by a landscaping center on the earth. So, as anyone can understand, Interplanetary Internet; how it works, the technology used, desired final results & etc. are so much different from the normal internet being used on the earth.

The Internet is being executed according to the technological protocols which were designed and developed specially to carry out the Internet on the earth. ‘IP’ & ‘TCP’ are the major among those protocols. Likewise, a special protocol such as ‘BP’ (Bundle Protocol), ‘DTN’ (Delay-Tolerant Network) is needed to execute the InterPlanetary Internet.

A very small delay in InterPlanetary Internet can be a delay that takes a few days to recover. So it has to be so efficient and effective although it is being used by few scientists; not like the Internet which is being used by the trillions of people on earth. 

Development of InterPlanetary Internet

Finding a proper technology for all the existing requirements is the most challengeable thing when it comes to this subject. Mainly, there are two facts that need to be solved-out.
  1. Developing a protocol which suites for all the spacecrafts & control centers
  2. Ability to share data & information without any delay

The US space agency is working on developing a such technology. One of their teams is working on this at ‘Goddard Space Flight Centre’. It has been more than 15 years since this project; named ‘CANDOS’ (Communication and Navigation Demonstrations and Shuttle) has begun. Their idea is to create Interplanetary Internet by developing the existing internet on earth.

The other team is placed at the ‘Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at NASA. Vint Cerf; who is known as the father of the internet is leading this team. Their idea is to develop special protocols and with the use of them create the Interplanetary Internet.

Developing everything from the baby-step is not easy as we think. It takes a lot of time and wealth. But creating the Interplanetary Internet by developing the existing Internet will save the time and the cash as well, as it is a place which is being developed and maintained for many years and has many resources to use. Anyway, this process needs to be done properly and we hope that it’ll be completed as soon as possible and we’ll be able to see how it works. Let’s keep on looking…

Learn more about InterPlanetary Internet

# CCSDS – Consultative Committee for Space Data System 

# SCPS    – Space Communication Protocol Specifications 

# DTN     – Delay Tolerant Network

# LCRD   – Laser Communications Relay Demonstration 

# SCA      – Space Communication Architecture

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