TransferJet Technology

'TransferJet Technology' is a wireless way of exchanging data and information in a speed matching the modern technology. TransferJet Con Sotiyam Organization can be mentioned as the founder of this TransferJet Technology. They announced about it in the very recent past, on the date of 8th of June 2017.

Why TransferJet?

This technology of exchanging data & information has been named as TransferJet in the manner of exposing the idea that it is able to exchange data & information in a similar speed of a jet. The main specification of this technology is also that speed and the way it exchanges data.

It is totally different, the way how the devices with the TransferJet technology exchange data between each from the way how all the other wireless devices exchange data. But for the users, it is not a complicated activity to transfer data from one device to another using this technology. Data tranferation begins as soon as the devices with this technology get closer to each. Transferation gets more speed if the two devices get touched with the other. It is like a wireless charging system. There the phone battery gets charged when the phone touches the surface of the wireless charger. TransferJet is also something similar to that technology where the data can be transferred more quickly at a speed of a jet when the two devices touch each other. What a cool way of exchanging data? It's up to you...

How speed it is?

Through this technology, data can be transferred at a maximum speed of 10Gb per second (10Gbit/s). That means to share a 1GB file between two devices, it only takes one second. Data stored in a computer is measured in Mega Bite (MB), while the data transferring speed is measured in MegaBit (Mb). So if a 1MB file is being shared, the transferring speed is 8Bit per second. Therefore to share 4K or VR videos wirelessly, it only takes very few seconds. Even to share all the data & information stored on an entire DVD, it takes less than 5 seconds. All these happen in these speeds when the two TransferJet devices are touched the each other. If there's a gap of 3cm between the two devices, the speed of sharing data is 7500Mb (7.5Gbit/s) per second where the transferring speed of a USB 3.0 port is only 5000Mb (5Gbit/s) per second. So anyone can understand the speed and the benefits of this TransferJet Technology.

Is it Safe to share data using TransferJet?

Safety is one of the main facts that anyone cares about when it comes to the modern technology. Regarding the TransferJet technology, there's no reason for anyone to worry about security risks. The main reason is that you can share things through this technology only within a limited area with a distance of 3 cm. So only no one from a longer distance can hack into the connection and steal data which is being shared through this technology. 

Also, there's an inbuilt security system which allows the user to choose the devices need to pair with to share data and decline the other devices. So although there are more devices powered with TransferJet Technology, you can transfer data to the previously selected devices. This technology got the ability to select and pair only with the previously commanded devices. So that makes it more secure to use this technology to share data & information.

Technogy used in TransferJet

TransferJet is a wireless technology which is used to share data & information within a small area. So we can say it's a 'CPWT' (Close Proximity Wireless Technology). Also, it is a 'Wide Band Technology' as well as an expressway of sharing data.

In this technology, radio waves are being used to share data. Its frequency is 4.48GHZ. Likewise, using low spear frequencies helps it to stay away from other communication systems without annoying/ avoid interference.

TransferJet History

On 21st of August in 2008, TransferJet was demonstrated as a technology that can be used practically in a useful way, by the Sony at their own labs in Tokyo. There, they shared photos in a camera with a huge computer screen without any wired connection saying that they found a new way of sharing data among closer devices. That's how this technology was born.

Final Thoughts...

Adjusting themselves automatically to share data, this technology has become much popular in many countries today. With the 802.15.3e standard of the IEEE, TransferJet Consortium is also working hard on developing this far more. On 8th June 2017, they announced that they're improving this technology to make the mobile communication networks more effective & efficient. That new technology is standardized as 'TransferJet X'. Likewise, it has become much useful, as a technology which is used to share data & information among closer devices without any wired connection. So hope you'll also find it so useful. And don't forget to subscribe to this blog and if there's anything you want to know or you know that I mentioned here, simply leave a comment in the comments section below.

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