interplanetary internet

InterPlanetary Internet

In the present, the Internet is not just a facility that can be enjoyed on earth. With the development of technology, the Internet is no more restricted to fly far away from our earth. But actually, when the internet goes beyond our planet, it becomes an Internet connection between two or more planets. So that Internet connection must be compatible with the requirements which are needed to use the internet from a far distance from the earth. Also, when communicating with different planets there cannot be any data loss or any delay. ‘Delay Tolerant Network’ (DTN) is one of the above-described network connections. It is so much similar to the technology used in the Internet networks but used above the earth’s boundaries. Therefore, it is called the ‘InterPlanetary Internet’.  Internet on Earth vs. InterPlanetary Internet The Internet has been built by the controller computers and millions of custom/ normal user computers including the server compute