CryptoCurrency - Bitcoin

Yesterdays, there were only physical cash using as the currencies. But with the improvement of the technology, now there are virtual currencies as well. By solving mathematical brain-teasers using a computer, these virtual currencies are being produced. Therefore the term ' Cryptocurrency ' is being used in general to identify those currencies. There are many cryptocurrencies nowadays. Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitconnect, Bitcoin, Bitecoin and Zcash are some of those virtual currencies. Among those units, Bitcoin is the most popular Virtual Currency . It is the most valuable virtual currency as well. Bitcoin Value Bitcoin is producing since 2009 where it required 1300 bitcoins to buy a US dollar. Its value was so low at the beginning of the currency. After 4 years from its birth, that means in December of 2013, it required 1300 US dollars to buy a bitcoin. That means the value of a bitcoin has gone up by a noticeable price within that four years. After 8