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Unix Operating System - Pride over 50 Years

It is almost half a century passed from the date where the Unix Operating System was first invented. Its 49 th anniversary is to be celebrated in August this year (2018). Although it is nearly 50 years old, we cannot find it as a useless operating system as it is being used with the execution of even a small code of the Unix OS by each and every person who uses at least a smartphone or who is connected to the internet and do their work. Even any OS in the modern trend has the influence of this Unix OS at any stage of its evolution. Example :- Windows Operating System is being executed on the stepping-stone of the communication Stack designed with the Unix Operating System which is used to temporally store data and information of the communication process. Example  :- Most of the parts of the Apple OS X, has been designed using the coding systems of the Unix OS. Example  :- Lying-in-home of the Linux Operating System is Unix OS. Example  :- Most of the web serv