WiMAX Technology

There are many ways to access the Internet nowadays. Broadband, Wi-Fi & Dial-up are the most popular among them all. But still, there are at least one or two weaknesses of those connection types. Ex:-   Broadband – Very expensive Wi-Fi – Not accessible from everywhere. Need to be in the Wi-Fi hotspot area Dial-up – Speed is so low Therefore a new method to connect to the Internet was needed to be found excluding the weaknesses of the current methods. Some of the features expected from that new method are as follows. # Must be speed than the others # Must be accessible from anywhere; under any circumstance # Must not be expensive and able to plant it easily A new technology with all the above-mentioned features has been developed since 2001. By the time it has become much popular in the present as well. That technology is not anything else. It's the ‘ WiMAX Technology ' ( Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access ). By today, to get a

Technology Related Social Issues

As of today, technology has become indispensable to mankind. Technology and mankind are now interconnected as inseparable. Daily, the members using technology keep increasing. As a result, technology related social issues too keep increasing. Lets take a look over two main two of those social issues. Digital Divide De-Skilling 1. Digital Divide Digital divide is an economic and social inequality due to the differences in access to, ability to or use of Information Communication Technology. There are few reasons for the digital divide and they can be listed as following. Education vs Lack of education Availability vs Unavailability of technical know-how Affluence vs Poverty Industrial Development vs Industrial under development Suburban vs Rural Lets have a small look on each reason briefly. # Education vs Lack of Education Ignorance regarding the benefits of Information Communication Technology and their use, creates a gap/ differences among in