Technology Related Social Issues

As of today, technology has become indispensable to mankind. Technology and mankind are now interconnected as inseparable. Daily, the members using technology keep increasing. As a result, technology related social issues too keep increasing. Lets take a look over two main two of those social issues.
  1. Digital Divide
  2. De-Skilling

1. Digital Divide

Digital divide is an economic and social inequality due to the differences in access to, ability to or use of Information Communication Technology. There are few reasons for the digital divide and they can be listed as following.
  • Education vs Lack of education
  • Availability vs Unavailability of technical know-how
  • Affluence vs Poverty
  • Industrial Development vs Industrial under development
  • Suburban vs Rural
    Digital Divide
Lets have a small look on each reason briefly.

# Education vs Lack of Education

Ignorance regarding the benefits of Information Communication Technology and their use, creates a gap/ differences among individuals.

# Availability vs Unavailability of technical know-how

There is little possibility of connection between people who are knowledgeable of and make good use of Information Communication Technology with those who are totally ignorant of Information Communication Technology of their uses.

# Affluence vs Poverty

Even though, there is a need and the necessity to learn and use Information Communication Technology, affordability becomes a matter for denied.

# Industrial Development vs Industrial Under Development

Industrialization of a country is a reason for the use of Information Communication Technology. Non-industrialization leads to a digital divide between countries.

# Suburban vs Rural

Those leading urban lives are very busy and use Information Communication Technology heavily. On the other hand, those leading simple lives freely in rural areas simply do not care for the use of Information Communication Technology. As a result, there arises a digital divide between people. 

How to avoid Digital Divide

Digital Bridge

Digital Bridge is forming connections among people avoiding the digital divide. However, it is not possible to create a digital bridge by providing each and everyone with a computer or a mobile phone. It is necessary for people to acquire different technological products, get to know them and learn how to use them effectively. Otherwise, the technology may become meaningless and lose value.
Digital Bridge

There are many ways of forming a digital bridge.

# Digital Literacy

Acquiring Technological knowledge helps to get over a digital divide. Providing chances to use computers and the modern technology at low cost; even only in some different part of the country where it is needed, can contribute towards overcoming a digital divide. There are such benefits of digital literacy and some of them can be listed as follows.

  • Realization of the need of using ICT and the modern technology, resulting in an urge to use it.
  • Helps to overcome issues arising from the use of the technology as far as possible.
  • Realize the value of using the Internet and the technology, for payment of bills, doing researches and collecting information about many topics such as education, politics, health , being aware of information related to modern medicine and in applying for jobs.

# Supply of Computers

Digital Literacy is the foundation of the digital bridge. Organizing the purchase of computers at easy concessionary rates can increase the literacy rate in a country. It helps not only those anxious to gain digital literacy, but also other members of such families as well.

# Equal Opportunities to Dispel Other Financial Difficulties

Making it possible for everyone to access the Internet for free on a reasonable payment and clearing all obstacles towards this process. Easy access to the Internet for everyone will certainly help school children of all ages to collect necessary information for their study purposes while making online education possible. It will also provide opportunities for employment, observe market trends, exchange information through social networks and related concerns.

# Participation of Intermediaries

To make the digital bridge a success, it is extremely necessary to get the support of various business concerns, people's associations and both public and private sector sponsorship and assistance.

2. De-Skilling

De-skilling is also one of the effects of using ICT related technology. Machinery or automation has taken over skilled labour in places of work, driving people away towards unemployment. It is easy to direct and maintain machinery at work. However, the chances lost by skilled workers are enormous and have made them helpless. 

People and organizations have a wealth of knowledge collected over the years. All this knowledge is wasted with the shift to machinery. Further, the change does not allow for more knowledge and allows for lost opportunities. These contribute to the disadvantages of automation. Some of them are listed below.
  • Machinery has taken over the industry replacing the talents of people.
  • Libraries have been made to close down and jobs in the sector lost due to the electronic books and magazines.
  • Online learning through the distance mode has limited teacher resources.
  • Health concerns are easily sorted out from itself, cutting down the job opportunities in laboratory services.

As we all know, use of the modern technology helps us to make all the things done efficiently and effectively. But at the same time we have to concern about the above mentioned issues while attaching the modern developing ICT related technology with our work. We think that nowadays everyone has a technological knowledge. But actually still there are some around the world, with lack of ICT related education and the modern technological knowledge. So it's needed to establish services to make all those issues solved and to make the world, a Global Village. 

Thank you for reading this article and for being in touch with my blog space.

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  1. Modern technology is indeed really useful these days.

  2. I`m old fashioned and still quite behind with these new technologies but learned quite alot from your blog, thanks for sharing.


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