too much use of phone

Smartphone Syndrome

Nowadays, Smartphones come with many and many useful features and interesting technologies that make them hard to resist. Those stuff have made our lives so easy and comfortable making our things done perfectly. So it's so impossible, even to imagine spending a life without a Smartphone now. But it's very important to use the Smartphone wisely; else we will end-up with many health issues over and over. Getting addicted to a Smartphone means you're opening the doors for numerous health issues. There are many such health problems that anyone might experience if you are addicted to using Smartphones for a longer duration. Following are some of the major health problems that might head-on because of the Smartphone addicted life style. Stress Build-up - Brain Issues Vision Loss Text Neck Text Claw Wrist Problems Cell Phone Elbow Lets talk about the above listed syndromes briefly. Stress Build-up Using Smartphones indicates that you are always av