Dinuka Navaratna

TransferJet Technology

'TransferJet Technology' is a wireless way of exchanging data and information in a speed matching the modern technology. TransferJet Con Sotiyam Organization can be mentioned as the founder of this TransferJet Technology. They announced about it in the very recent past, on the date of 8th of June 2017. Why TransferJet? This technology of exchanging data & information has been named as TransferJet in the manner of exposing the idea that it is able to exchange data & information in a similar speed of a jet. The main specification of this technology is also that speed and the way it exchanges data. It is totally different, the way how the devices with the TransferJet technology exchange data between each from the way how all the other wireless devices exchange data. But for the users, it is not a complicated activity to transfer data from one device to another using this technology. Data tranferation begins as soon as the devices with this

Processor Technology - Microchips

All the privileges of a computer mainly depend on a microchip which is called as a ‘Processor’. Simply it is a burnished Silicon plate where transistor circuits are arranged but comes with an amazing power. In the recent past, processors was not a much popular topic among people. But soon it became much popular with the improvement of the processors and because of the increasing competition among the processor manufacturing companies. There are only few processor manufacturing companies all around the world. ‘Intel’ and ‘AMD’ are the most popular out of them.    Although Intel stood much forward, with the new processor set introduced by the AMD, the situation has bit changed. This new processor of AMD Company was introduced in late February in 2017 and it was named as ‘Ryzen’. These Ryzen processors are in the competition with the new processor introduced by the Intel Company on 3 rd  of January 2017, which was named as ‘Kaby Lake’. It has been more competitive becau

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is the concept of using computer networks including personal computers and mobile devices, to facilitate retrieving and storing information from anywhere at any time. There so many uses of Cloud Computing. Some of them are listed below. Create new apps and services Store, back up and recover data Host websites and blogs Stream audio and video Deliver software on demand Analyse data for patterns and make predictions Let's talk about three main types of Cloud Computing. IaaS   -  Infrastructure as a Service Paas   -  Platform as a Service SaaS  -  Software as a Service Infrastructure as a Service [ IaaS ] This provides a virtual environment of Servers to provide space to store data and software applications with the help of server computers and also to provide various resources through the use of large data centers established. Eg :- Obtain the facilities of Server Space and Firewall thro