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Email Extractor Software -

Email extractor software is giving different types of benefits to users. With the help of ' Email Extractor Software ', it’s possible to get emails to make a list. When you have a list of emails of people or companies then you can use it to send your desired messages. It is important to have an email list of real users to make sure that your sent messages could be checked, and you can get favorable responses. There are many types of email extractor software which are working well to get the emails addresses. You can get email addresses from your desired niches by using reliable software. You are just required to fill in some fields in order to start working. When you are filling the form in the software then you will give details about the niche in which you need email addresses. In this manner, the software will find the addresses in that niche and you will make a list. When you have a list of users in your desired niche then you can send them good messages which w

Technology Related Social Issues

As of today, technology has become indispensable to mankind. Technology and mankind are now interconnected as inseparable. Daily, the members using technology keep increasing. As a result, technology related social issues too keep increasing. Lets take a look over two main two of those social issues. Digital Divide De-Skilling 1. Digital Divide Digital divide is an economic and social inequality due to the differences in access to, ability to or use of Information Communication Technology. There are few reasons for the digital divide and they can be listed as following. Education vs Lack of education Availability vs Unavailability of technical know-how Affluence vs Poverty Industrial Development vs Industrial under development Suburban vs Rural Lets have a small look on each reason briefly. # Education vs Lack of Education Ignorance regarding the benefits of Information Communication Technology and their use, creates a gap/ differences among in

Computer Related Health Issues

As of today, technology has become indispensable to mankind. Technology and mankind are now interconnected as inseparable. Daily, the members using technology keep increasing. As a result, technology related health issues too keep increasing. Issues arise as a result of the continuous use of a computer for over four hours at a stretch. Lets take a look over some of those main health issues. 1. Musculature Problems 2. Repetitive Stress Injury [RSI] 3. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome [CTS] 4. Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS] 5. Headache 6. Stress [ +Mental Diseases ] 1. Musculature Problems Non-stop use of a computer can bring about pain in different muscles and bones of the human system. The main reason for this is the wrong posture taken with the use of the computer. 2. Repetitive Stress Injury [RSI] Repetitive Stress Injury is the pain extending from the shoulder to the fingers of the hand. The affected areas can show swelling and hardness that brings out the pai

Smartphone Syndrome

Nowadays, Smartphones come with many and many useful features and interesting technologies that make them hard to resist. Those stuff have made our lives so easy and comfortable making our things done perfectly. So it's so impossible, even to imagine spending a life without a Smartphone now. But it's very important to use the Smartphone wisely; else we will end-up with many health issues over and over. Getting addicted to a Smartphone means you're opening the doors for numerous health issues. There are many such health problems that anyone might experience if you are addicted to using Smartphones for a longer duration. Following are some of the major health problems that might head-on because of the Smartphone addicted life style. Stress Build-up - Brain Issues Vision Loss Text Neck Text Claw Wrist Problems Cell Phone Elbow Lets talk about the above listed syndromes briefly. Stress Build-up Using Smartphones indicates that you are always av

Internet Security

Prevention of Computer Crimes (Cyber Crimes) while enhancing the safety and conservation of the Personal Information regarding using the Internet is meant by 'Internet Security'. Internet Security is a part of the Computer Security which considers about the Network Security in a higher manner as it is connected with most of the applications such as the Operating System. Internet Safety, Web Safety; Online Safety also gives the same meaning of 'Internet Security'. Are we Safe On the Internet? (Internet Threats) The Internet is a useful network which offers us many services, where we can exchange so much of our information through this medium. Although we guess that it's one of the most secure & trusted ways to exchange our information and to do our work, the internet is not that much secured as much as we think. Sometimes we have to face many menaces knowingly or unknowingly. The use of a computer involves various threats. M