What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality in the Future World!

Virtual Reality is a topic we hear all too often when we talk about technology in the future world. What is this Virtual Reality? Keep on reading to find out about the 'Virtual Reality in the Future World'. Simply, Virtual Reality is a computing platform. Decades ago, mainframe computers, then personal computers, and in the most recent history, the web computing platform & the computing platform we use today is the mobile computing platforms. With the advancement of technology in the next few years, the mobile computing platform will be outdated as well and the concept of Virtual Reality will be the next computing platform to be popularized in the world. Virtual reality is a technology that can convince our brain to be in an artificial environment. This allows one to perform an activity in the artificial environment in such a way that it is perceived as real. Often this artificial environment is created using 3 or 4 displays. So these sensors use electronic devic