Virtual Reality in the Future World!

Virtual Reality is a topic we hear all too often when we talk about technology in the future world. What is this Virtual Reality? Keep on reading to find out about the 'Virtual Reality in the Future World'.

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Simply, Virtual Reality is a computing platform. Decades ago, mainframe computers, then personal computers, and in the most recent history, the web computing platform & the computing platform we use today is the mobile computing platforms. With the advancement of technology in the next few years, the mobile computing platform will be outdated as well and the concept of Virtual Reality will be the next computing platform to be popularized in the world.

Virtual reality is a technology that can convince our brain to be in an artificial environment. This allows one to perform an activity in the artificial environment in such a way that it is perceived as real. Often this artificial environment is created using 3 or 4 displays. So these sensors use electronic devices with special sensors to sensitize the brain to the real environment. Special helmets with a screen, various tools with sensors can be mentioned as the electronic devices that help us to experience Virtual Reality.

History of Virtual Reality…

If one considers the history of this technology, the origins of this are the device named 'Sensorama', invented by Morton Helig in the 1950s. This gave us the opportunity to watch TV in 3D. After a few more years, the device named 'Headights', and the 'Ultimate Displays' that came to the world created the background for a virtual reality-related system a few years later.

Ultimate Displays

Types of Virtual Reality

There are basically two types of virtual reality.

     1. Immersive Virtual Reality
     2. Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive Virtual Reality

This allows people to interact with the built environment. People who are confronted with that environment feel like they are truly a part of that environment, and are able to walk in the artificial environment, interact with one another, and engage in various activities.

Non-Immersive Virtual Reality

This allows people to interact with the built environment using a mouse, keyboard, joystick, trackball or dataglove or spaceball. The person is not able to collide with the environment, but the screen can look very similar to the real environment.

Use of Virtual Reality in the Modern World


Today, Virtual Reality is a technology that is used in many fields of research and day-to-day work. This technology is often used in the manufacture of automobiles and machinery. This technology helps them to see if their products are working properly and to address the shortcomings of their products without actually creating them. Similarly, Virtual Reality is also used to train officers and combat pilots in warfare. This technology enables students to get a better understanding of surgeries and to understand the internal functioning of the body, its various mechanisms, and processes.

The following video explains how to use virtual reality technology in relation to a vehicle manufacturer. You will learn more about how to use this concept.

Final Thoughts...

Thus we see that the concept of Virtual Reality is already being used widely in the world. The basic cost associated with this technology is so high that it is still commonly used only in countries where the technology is in such advanced and can bear the cost. But the prevailing opinion in the world today is that technology will be virtually indispensable for another decade.

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