Technology Related Health Issues

Computer Related Health Issues

As of today, technology has become indispensable to mankind. Technology and mankind are now interconnected as inseparable. Daily, the members using technology keep increasing. As a result, technology related health issues too keep increasing. Issues arise as a result of the continuous use of a computer for over four hours at a stretch. Lets take a look over some of those main health issues. 1. Musculature Problems 2. Repetitive Stress Injury [RSI] 3. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome [CTS] 4. Computer Vision Syndrome [CVS] 5. Headache 6. Stress [ +Mental Diseases ] 1. Musculature Problems Non-stop use of a computer can bring about pain in different muscles and bones of the human system. The main reason for this is the wrong posture taken with the use of the computer. 2. Repetitive Stress Injury [RSI] Repetitive Stress Injury is the pain extending from the shoulder to the fingers of the hand. The affected areas can show swelling and hardness that brings out the pai