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Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing is the concept of using computer networks including personal computers and mobile devices, to facilitate retrieving and storing information from anywhere at any time.

There so many uses of Cloud Computing. Some of them are listed below.
Create new apps and servicesStore, back up and recover dataHost websites and blogsStream audio and videoDeliver software on demandAnalyse data for patterns and make predictions

Let's talk about three main types of Cloud Computing.
IaaS   -  Infrastructure as a ServicePaas   -  Platform as a ServiceSaaS  -  Software as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service [ IaaS ] This provides a virtual environment of Servers to provide space to store data and software applications with the help of server computers and also to provide various resources through the use of large data centers established.
Eg :- Obtain the facilities of Server Space and Firewall through Cloud Computing even though you do not own them.

Platform as a…