3D Technology vs Health

3D Technology

Nowadays’ trending way of delivering movies to the audience is, using 3D technology. Actually, what is 3D technology? 3D is the abbreviation of the meaning ‘Three-Dimensional’ . It is an image that provides the perception of depth into your brain as well as the height and breadth, which hands-over a special experience called as ‘Virtual Reality’. Everything around us in the real world, we see with our eyes are in 3D. But when it comes to the movie technology, we are able only to experience 2D there on the screen. That means we are not able to get an idea about the depth of the objects on the screen. But with the improvement of the technology, now the technicians have found a way of delivering movies with the ability to find a depth of the objects on the screen and that technology is called as, ‘3D Technology’ . That’s what actually meant by 3-dimensional technology. Now let’s move on to see how this 3D technology works and the concept or the theory behind this 3D technology.